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How to attract customers to buy your Makeup products on Facebook

Still struggling to attract customers to buy your makeup products?

You’ve probably been getting unlikely responses from customers such as:

“It’s too expensive”

“I can get it cheaper somewhere else”

“When next are you doing sales?”

“How much last?”

I remember when I started selling makeup products some years back in Unilag (University of Lagos).

I wasn’t a flashy girl but I knew exactly who would want the makeup products I was selling.

So, I figured that I had to make friends with makeup artists and the ‘flashy girls’ in my hostel if I wanted to sell my makeup products. I did that for every hostel I was in during my school stay.

Sometimes If I had a lot of makeup clients on my hands in the hostel, I would direct some to do makeup with other makeup artists.

Was I bothered that they would take my customers from me?

Nope, because I had already built a relationship with my clients that they trust my suggestions. Plus, those makeup artists started purchasing products from me.

How to Attract Customers

The question is, “who do you want to attract to your Beauty brand?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

You have to be specific on who your ideal customer is, so you won’t waste your marketing efforts.

If you don’t have a clue on who you’re selling your beauty products to, you will be giving the RIGHT PRODUCT to the WRONG CUSTOMER. That’s the mistake a lot of beauty entrepreneurs are making.

If you really want to attract customers to buy your makeup products, your efforts should be on knowing your customers, their pain points and what they’re interested in. Or else, it will be difficult for you to target them with your Facebook ads.

For example, let’s say you’re selling makeup.

First demographics, you have to figure out who you’re selling makeup to.

Do you want to sell makeup to the everyday woman, the enthusiast makeup lover or to the professional makeup artist?

Here comes understanding your target market.

Then you have to deconstruct their PAIN POINTS, BUYING BEHAVIORS and INTERESTS.

The everyday woman will buy makeup for herself. She may probably not know how to wear makeup well even after watching a lot of YouTube makeup videos.

The enthusiast makeup lover watches a lot of makeup video and can wear makeup well. She always on the lookout for the latest makeup trends and products.

For the professional makeup artist, makeup products are her essential work tools. So, if it finishes, she will come back again and again for a refill of those makeup products. She spends a lot of time online trying to get clients.

Next how to attract these customers. To attract them you need to create offers they can’t resist.


To Attract the Everyday Woman…

Create short and specific how-to makeup tutorials such as how to apply eyeshadow, or how to draw eyebrows. Don’t forget to put a DISCOUNT DEAL on the specific products being used in the video.

In the video, you can tell viewers to share the video to get a special discount code in their inbox.

Unlike the enthusiast makeup lover, the everyday woman still has some makeup struggles even after watching a lot of YouTube videos. By creating those short and specific tutorials, you are solving their pain points in makeup.

After creating this short tutorial, you have to promote it to be seen by more people online. The best way is to promote it with Facebook ads.


To Attract the Enthusiast Makeup Lover…

You can post videos on the latest trends of other beauty bloggers. You can also do product giveaways, telling them to share your post or tag their friends in your post as a way to participate.

By doing this, they will be driving more people to your Facebook page.  If you want a lot of people to participate in the giveaway, you have to promote it and the best way is through Facebook ads.


To Attract the Professional Makeup Artist…

Simply post their work as a form of admiration and don’t forget to tag them with it. Tagging them will notify them plus they’ll check out your page and your irresistible offers.

Remember, the first step is knowing your ideal customer, who they are, what they do, their interests, their pain points and what they spend time doing online.

The next step is to create offers they can’t resist and promote those offers through Facebook ads.

Without a good understanding of Facebook ads, you’d be wasting your money.


Tag a Makeup Artist or Beauty Business owner that needs to read this.

Plus Feel free to ask me anything about selling beauty products on Facebook.

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