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How to start a Money making Beauty Blog in 3 Days

So you want to start a beauty blog?

You love everything beauty, you’ve probably watched 100’s of beauty tutorials on YouTube and can even narrate the life stories of top beauty bloggers. You’ve bought a lot of makeup products because they’ve recommended it and even wore so damn good. You so much believe beauty is your calling and you want to take it online…. But

You don’t know how to plus

You’re scared if you’d fail at it

You’re thinking this whole blogging thing won’t work

Or maybe you want to share what has worked for you in your skincare

You’ve been looking for permission…..

Permission to chase after your dreams and start your own beauty business.

Well, This is it.


You just have to do it. You would only know what would happen when you take the first step.

So how do I start?

You can start with these 9 simple steps:

Owning a blog/website has been pretty much amazing. Not only has it positioned me as an authority in my niche, it has been profitable and has allowed me to connect with a lot of productive minds.

In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to go about starting a beauty blog you can actually make money from. You need to have an open mind and must be ready to put in the RIGHT work overtime in order to see success.

Let’s dive in, first things first

Blogging Myths & Facts

I believe the first and major stage in starting any form of online business is to re-program your mindset. You have to program your mindset to be ready for tough circumstances. Yes! There will times when you have absolutely nothing to write, or things are not going the way you expected. In those moments you have to strive on, that’s what separates top beauty bloggers from the rest.

There are a lot of myths about owning a blog, so let’s tackle them:

  • You need to blog every day: No, you don’t need to blog every day. However, you just need to create a blogging calendar or schedule in which you can post content 2-3 times a week and spend the other days promoting your content.
  • You have to blog about everything to make money: No, you don’t have to blog about everything to make money online.  Create content on what knowledgeable about and what your customers want.
  • You need heavy traffic to make a lot of money from your blog: No, you don’t need heavy traffic to make money from your blog. However, you need to solve a burning problem for someone by packaging it in an ebook, course or workshop and sell it so many times.
  • You must have google ads on your blog to make a lot of money: Nope! Ads aren’t the only way you can monetize your beauty blog. There are other ways of which I would discuss more in this post.

Plan Your Finances

It may be discouraging and you may be thinking it requires loads of money to start your beauty blog. but the great news is it actually cost less than what you may be thinking. Always start small, then grow big along the way.

Blogging is an investment of smart work and commitment. Putting these into perspective you should plan your finances ahead of time.

You don’t have to get all the expensive tech gadgets to start your blog. You majorly need internet, laptop, and website hosting with a domain name.

Find a Profitable Idea

One big mistake a lot of beauty bloggers make is that they don’t find a niche and test if their idea is profitable before starting up a website. Then they start to blog about everything they are interested in at the same time.

You may be wondering, “Sarah, I have so many interests and I’m good at so many things and I love to talk about all I’m passionate about…. What should I do?”

You need to pick a niche and find a profitable idea, an idea that is focused. When your blog is focused, it makes it easier for your audience to identify with what you do.

A niche is a topic of interest your blog post or videos should focus on. Look at niching as solving a problem for a particular set of people looking for your solution.  Beauty is a very broad industry which has a lot of niches. For example, you can choose to talk about makeup only or weight loss only. Then you can go further by pairing up a niche with the target audience you want to work with. For example Weight loss for busy professional women, Special Effect Makeup for TV Makeup artists.

So you need to strike a balance between your passions, skills & what your audience want. That should be your blog focus and niche. Everything has been done; you just need to realize that your uniqueness is what sets you apart from others. The more refined you are, the more you end up standing out in the crowd.

To find a focus for your beauty blog, answer these questions:

  • What am I truly passionate about?
  • List out skills you’re developing currently
  • What do my friends say I’m great at?
  • What’s my audience biggest problem?
  • What solution can I deliver to them to solve that problem?
  • What’s the best way to deliver this solution to them faster in a way they would enjoy it?

Some Examples of niches in the beauty industry


  1. DIY Looks
  2. Bridal makeup
  3. Special Fx Makeup
  4. Makeup product reviews
  5. Eye makeup Only
  6. Teaching Photo editing to makeup artists


  1. How to get rid of Acne
  2. How to make different kinds of soaps
  3. Natural Skincare with home remedies
  4. How to make skincare and makeup products at home 
  5. The Science behind beauty products 
  6. Beauty products against animal testing
  7. Anti-ageing
  8. Improving complexion
  9. Dark spots removal
  10. Skincare product reviews


  1. Bridal hair styling
  2. Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair
  3. How to make wigs
  4. How to style natural hair



Then you need to find the purpose behind your blog:

  • To inspire others, post inspirational beauty tutorials, inspiring others to be better and overcome challenges.
  • For entertainment, add beauty and humor together in videos or blog posts.
  • To teach, create how-to tutorials on nail, hair, skincare, or makeup.
  • To inform, post the latest news and trends in the beauty industry. You can also talk about celebrities latest beauty tips.

Choose an Audience

After you’ve identified possible niches, you can then match them up with the audience you want to work with.

So, you need to choose your audience or target market. Who do you want to work with? Who do you want your blog to be aimed at? How old are they?  This will determine the theme and the content of your blog.

Age: teenagers, college students, 25+, elderly

Sex: male or female

Life stages/profession: mothers, business professionals, fathers

Your audience determines your style of writing and the branding as a whole. If you pick an older audience, your brand color and communication style will be different from that for the teenage audience.

Also, think of what social media platforms they spend time on. This will help you create a specific promotion strategy for your beauty brand.

The Techy Part

Once you’ve picked your blog’s focused topic and audience, then you have to choose a domain name. You can think of a domain that is memorable, not too long and easy to type.

If you want to be taken seriously in the online world, it’s important for you to have a personalized domain. For example, www.makeup.com- not www.makeup.blogpost.com

One good tip is to use (your name) + (what you’re talking about). Examples of some blogs, ‘


First, you have to decide on the blogging platform you want to build your site on. There are a lot of platforms out there but my preferred choice is wordpress.org platform. Top companies such as CNN and Walt Disney built their powerful website on WordPress.

Then, you need to pick a hosting company in which you’d install WordPress on. I strongly recommend Blue host which is a secure an trusted hosting company in which a lot of top online entrepreneurs trust their websites with.

If you’re in Nigeria and you don’t have a dollar card to pay with yet, you can sign up for a free Payoneer dollar card here. Your card will be delivered straight to your home address.


A lot of common domain names are taken, so find one that fits right for you.


Install WordPress

Then pick a theme and set up important pages on your site: about, contact, blog, services, homepage.

Create Content

One way your audience can identify your expertise in a topic/ niche is by creating content that solves a problem for them even if it is hilarious. This way you’re building know, like, trust factor with them.

The main essence of creating and promoting your content is to build an audience interested in what you’re talking about.

Remember that there’s A WHOLE LOAD of blog posts, videos, and podcasts on the internet.

When creating content for your blog, you should always put Quality over quantity in mind. People have problems and are on the internet looking for a form of solution to it. So use your uniqueness and your solution to your audience pain points in creating quality content on your blog.

There are so many kinds of content you can create and there are ways those content can be delivered to them depending on what your audience prefers.

You can write blog posts, create videos or podcasts, slide videos or even infographics. (Check out this awesome infographic on how to cover acne effectively)

In the beauty industry, videos work by far better when delivering a solution to your audience. I always recommend starting with your smartphone in a well-lit- place. You may be scared of speaking in front of the camera, but the best way to get comfortable with it is by doing it without overthinking it.

Remember, your content should entertain and help your audience find the best solution.

When creating a piece of content for your readers, there are some questions you should answer:

  • What questions does my audience have about this topic?

You can ask beauty lovers and even your social media followers. Check the comments on other beauty blogs and see the kind of questions people are asking.

  • What’s the easiest way my audience can digest this content?

Videos are the in thing now in beauty. As of 2015, statistics have shown there has been 45.3 billion beauty video views on YouTube. So this shows that everyday people are searching on how they could look better.

  • What’s the takeaway message?

In very simple terms how can your audience summarize your content?

  • How can I attract people in with my content?

You can do this by providing extra value for your audience by giving them something extra like a free guide, ebook or video training.


One mistake I see newbie beauty bloggers make is that they blog every day in order to drive ‘massive traffic” to their site.

Besides blogging every day is practically useless if you don’t have people reading your stuff.

Look at it this way, let’s say 250 people have read your blog posts or watched your videos, the solution isn’t creating more content. The solution is getting the other 26,500 people out there to read your stuff.

Instead, spend more time promoting the quality content you’ve created. Rather than blog every day, you should create a content calendar indicating different days on which you would create and promote your content.

Another tip is to look for where your audience hangs out online. It’s often futile promoting your content where your beauty audience is not in.

Make sure you have social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Create nice banners for all your social platforms such as tips, blog post images and thumbnails for each video. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to add some professional touches to your website. Place social media icons on your website to make it easy for your content to be shared.

Join Facebook groups in your niche to network with more people. Interact with your audience on a personal level by responding to comments. If you encounter rude comments, act professionally by not responding to them. People are watching everything you do online.

Don’t forget to have brand consistency. Your brand should have a consistent name, look and feel throughout all your social media channels and website, that way it will be memorable for your audience.

Build an Audience

A lot of beauty bloggers focus on only building large social media following. Ever heard of “you shouldn’t build your house on another man’s land”? Rather you should spend more time building an email list. You own your website and email list. You don’t entirely own your social media accounts of which the owners can shut down your account anytime.

Yes, you’re getting a lot of attention with your social media followings but in the long run owning your own customer base list pays off. With an email list, you can foster your relationship you’re your readers by sharing more value with them and even tell them about your products and services. Building an email list is one of the most effective ways to sell online.

One way to build an email list is to give out semi-exclusive content or training for free in exchange for their email on your website. These can be:

  • Challenges
  • Webinars
  • Free video training
  • Free eBook/guides

You can collect emails through an email marketing service provider such as Getresponse they have a 30-day FREE TRIAL option for beginners. they also offer the automation feature and landing pages for free. One major takeaway for me with Getresponse is their automation feature helping me schedule and send emails ahead of time automatically. You can start building and engaging your audience with them for free.

All you need is to set up a landing page with a sign-up form telling them what they stand to gain if they sign up for your free offer. From there you can foster the relationship with your readers by sending them emails periodically.

Another way to build your audience is to collaborate with other beauty bloggers that have an audience larger than yours. You can feature them on your site through written, video or podcast interview and get them to share the link with their own audience. When they do share the link to the post they’ve been featured on, you should have freebies on the post to capture email addresses.


Ok! This is the most important part you’ve been waiting for. There are so many ways you can monetize a beauty blog.

Here are 10 ways you can make money from your beauty blog

  • Affiliate marketing: Earning through affiliate marketing is great for beginner beauty bloggers. By this, you promote other people’s product by creating blog posts or video reviews about the product for your audience, giving them your affiliate link to purchase that product from. You’d get a percentage when they make a purchase through your affiliate link. The most popular affiliate program for beauty bloggers is Amazon. While you can also sign up here for the Konga affiliate program for free in Nigeria and start promoting beauty products on your blog or social media and gain commission on every sale through your link.
  • Online Courses: Creating your own digital product such as an online course is highly profitable and scalable. You just simply need to organize and package your problem-solving skill into video slides or even audio training and voila, you’re ready. An online course makes it easier for you to accommodate and reach more people than physical workshops would. You can check out this online makeup school offering different kinds of courses.
  • E-books and Kindle books: You can write short books that solve a particular problem and put them up for sale on your website. You can also put those books up for sale on amazon kindle, iBooks or blurb where there are already thousands of customers already shopping daily. Plus you can use your eBook as an avenue to sell higher programs to the buyers.
  • Guides/Checklist: If you feel like a book is too scary, then create a form of guide people can use. Like this one you’re reading, lock it up and put a price tag on it and viola.
  • Membership site: You can turn your blog into a membership site which your audience pay a monthly fee to access your training videos and materials. Tammana of Dressyourfacelive.com does this well with her audience.
  • Coaching Programs: You can offer a one on one coaching program for your services, either in fitness, or skincare consultation. Here, your audience pays to work with you one on one.
  • Online store: You can set up an online store on your website where you can choose to sell physical products you’ve made, wholesale products or dropship other people’s product without having any product in a store.
  • Paid or sponsored posts: If you have a large blog audience you can offer paid/sponsored posts on your site. Companies can gift or pay you to write a post or create a video about their beauty product.
  • Sell Advertising Space: You can sell ad spaces on your blog at your own monthly rates if you already have a large audience. You can also use Google AdSense which includes Google placing an ad on your blog, near or on top of your video. These ads must be clicked on by your audience to receive compensation. However, a lot of bloggers have recently found it difficult being accepted into the Google AdSense program.
  • Virtual Summits/ Experts Interview: You can interview a group of experts on your blog about a given theme or topic as an Online Event with 2-7 days. After the event, you can take down the interviews and put it for up for sale for the people that missed it. The virtual summit can work in almost any niche and industry of your choice.

So please share this post and let me know in the comment below: what’s your major struggle in starting your beauty blog?

If you need a bit more accountability in launching your beauty brand online, you can reach me here.

Don’t forget to join other beauty entrepreneurs like you in our free FB GROUP.


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