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launch your beauty brand

3 Major reasons why you fail to launch your Beauty Brand online

You probably have this big dream or an idea. You’ve always wanted to launch your beauty brand.

What’s left is for you to take some form of action to kick off that idea.

Maybe you’re afraid or you feel it isn’t time. There will never be a perfect time to start that business.

Are you still praying and asking God for a bigger idea or business deal to drop from heaven to your laps?

Do you feel you need to have a lot of money to launch that idea?

Did you let family and friends discourage them from taking action on that idea?

Others don’t believe enough in their current ability to launch that idea.

The sad part is:

You don’t know there are people out there that need you.

People have problems waiting to be solved by your ideas, dreams, and skills.

You don’t know that when you don’t launch those ideas it’s costing you a lot of time and money.

You don’t know that your idea and dreams will ONLY be clearer when you start taking action on it.

You don’t know what opportunities are waiting behind the door when you launch that idea.

You know you’re supposed to be doing some form of work in pushing that idea forward.

You just know it.

You can’t sleep well at night till you start working on it.

What are you currently doing to make your dreams and idea come to life?

When I started out, I had so many ideas. There were a lot of things holding me from launching.

Sometimes, I’d look at how far others had gone. Sometimes I wonder if anyone was listening to me or reading my stuff.

Eventually, I found out there were actually people paying attention and I even had buyers for my book and beauty products online.

If you want to start a beauty website or blog, you must genuinely care for people. If you don’t, don’t even bother starting.

This is because there will be so many things holding you back from launching your beauty brand.

In this post, would be highlighting 3 major reasons.

1. I don’t have time

This is the biggest lie we tell ourselves. Sometimes we cloud ourselves with a lot of “busy” work that keeps us from doing “productive” work.

Other times, we are just scared so we use this reason to cover up. If you truly want something, you will commit to doing it.

For blogging, you just need to have a good promotion strategy and create a content calendar. This will help you out to differentiate between days you just want to create content and days when you have to promote your blog and content.

Remember to spend more time promoting, that’s the only way people can find you and your business online.

2. I have no idea/ too many ideas!

Maybe you’re multi-talented with a lot of ideas or don’t have any idea at all.

We all have something we are good at and our friends can testify to that.

Back then in college, my friends came to me for beauty or school work advice. They knew I had a solution to those problems because I had always talked about those two things.

Now, I’ve taking it on a larger scale by starting an online business out from what I loved talking about.

Like I mentioned earlier on, a lot of people are waiting for some magical money idea to fall on their laps. Well, that will never happen because ideas don’t fall from above, you actually have to go and find them.

And do you know who have the profitable ideas…..your customers?

It’s in their struggles and pains. Many of them are willing to pay you to solve their problem in your area of expertise.

By this, I mean, what pain and struggle can you solve for them? You just can’t assume their pains and struggle, you have to ask them.

  • Ask them what are their current pains and struggles in that area?

You can do this by joining and being active in other groups and actually talking to people.

  • What are their dreams, hopes, goals, and aspirations in that area?

Create a list of people that have interest in your area, and talk to them.

Then match up your answers with your current skills & abilities and see if and how your business can truly solve their problem.

3. What if my skill is not good enough?

You don’t need to be highly skilled before you can make money from what you love to talk about. You just need a simple business system that will help you hit milestones.

There are people who run big online makeup stores and they can’t do their makeup well.

You just need a profitable idea and business system to help in your IDEA EXECUTION. Without execution, your idea is NOTHING.

There are a lot of people who probably have the same idea as you.

The only difference is EXECUTION.

If really you want to eliminate these reasons, you just have to take action. Move out of your comfort zone and start. It’s all going to become clearer.


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