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Are light skinned women more attractive than dark skinned women?

Some years ago, I went for an audition. I thought I was the perfect fit for the role they wanted. I had the height (5ft 10 inches), shape and smile. They still picked the Light skinned girls.

I was angry, really angry. I started feeling like the odds were against me. Most of the auditions I was always this close to being picked.

This plague is everywhere.

-On musical videos

-TV adverts

-And they even get more likes on Instagram.

They pick the light skinned women.

Eventually, I started looking for creams that would lighten me FAST, fast as 3 days oooh!! That’s how desperate I became and when I did find them, they made my skin look really bad. From leopard sunburn patches on my face to dark knuckles on my hands and feet.

I had to learn makeup to cover up all those flaws despite it all I started wearing some form of “false confidence” to auditions.

You know the funny thing that happened.

I started getting those roles, but it was at the expense of my skin’s health.

I had to stop all the madness and when I did stop, my skin reversed so bad.

My mum had always told me not to stress it that it’s really your state of mind. If you’re stressed, it will show on your skin. When you’re all settled with no much stress, eating well, sleeping well and using the right products for your skin it will show improvements.

This epidemic has made a lot of brown skin and dark skinned women feel some sort of insecure about their skin color.

This plague has made some women so insecure that they have to bleach just to keep their man. (Of which we know that still isn’t enough to keep a man)

It’s so sad that some husbands encourage their wives to bleach.

Are light skinned women more attractive than dark skinned women?

The dark melanin color is indeed beautiful.

But the society is slowly shaping our mindset to believe that to be beautiful and gain loads of attention; you must be light skinned.

In skin care, the goal of lightening is to fade off dark spots, hyperpigmentation, sunburn, dark patches and discolorations on the skin.

But women have abused it all together.

Now, this post isn’t about how they always pick light skinned women. It’s really about how confident we should be in our skin.

Even if you don’t get picked for that advert role.

Despite the fact that your light skinned best friend gets more attention than you.

In spite of your friends tell you how your mum or sister is finer than you simply because they are light skinned.

Even if your boo gushes at lighter women and even if he dumps you for a lighter chick

You should be confident in your skin

Those are just simply choices of people with a limited mindset.

You should be confident in your Skin.

Toke Makinwa even mentioned in her book how she had to alter her skin color simply because she felt threatened by her husband’s side chick a Lebanese Calabar babe.

Lupita Nyong’o said that she was not considered beautiful because of her complexion as her self-worth was damaged by growing up with adverts propagating the false notion of lighter skin as more beautiful.

And this is really sad.

Beauty is really a Mindset thing. Even if your skin has imperfections, beauty starts from the mind.

On the journey to achieving a clearer flawless skin, the first major step is to acknowledge how beautiful you are. You have a beautiful flawless skin (even if you still have acne and dark spots).

If a Beauty Blogger like Shalom blac who suffered from fire burns can confidently do makeup videos showing off her skin irrespective of the hateful comments.

It shows that beauty starts from the mind. And when you think that way…. Like the law of attraction says everything will fall into place. In treating acne or any skin issue, the first step in to change your mindset about how you view your skin, and how you care for your skin.

Like I mentioned earlier, the goal of lightening is to fade off dark spots, hyperpigmentation, sunburn, dark patches and discolorations on the skin.You should also put into perspective if the lightening products are “safe” for your skin’s health.

In the comment thread, I want to know your thoughts if you’ve ever felt threatened or have you experienced any of this instances I’ve laid out.

Remember all women are gorgeous irrespective of their color!

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