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Splurge or Save: Scrubs and Exfoilators

Should you splurge or save on scrubs and exfoliators?

“I have a rough face!!”
“Help! I have acne!!”
“I have dark spots!!”
Have you ever thought of the process that must have caused that on your skin? Acne occurs when the pores are blocked with dead skin, oil, and even bacteria. While dark spots can be as a result of excess production of melanin on the skin,

Why do you need to Exfoliate?

The outer layer of our skin has a lot of dead skin cells.  Exfoliating helps to remove those dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and smoother skin a sit helps clear acne, dark spots, and even blackheads. Exfoliating should be an important part of your skincare routine if you don’t want your skin looking dull.

We have two types of exfoliation: Physical and chemical. They both have their up and downsides and are amazing when done together. There are physical and chemical exfoliants and these are the difference between them:

Physical exfoliants help to remove dead skin cells mechanically. It can be harsh or gentle depending on the texture of the scrub particles or the tool being used for exfoliation. Some physical exfoliants are rinse-off products such as Scrubs. Others are just tools like a Face cloth, Face brush, Konjac sponges and Face exfoliating loofah.

Face Exfoliating Loofah

You can get off the counter Scrubs or you can create homemade exfoliants with natural ingredients such as coffee grounds, ground oatmeal, baking soda, sea salt and even sugar. Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliant compared to strong exfoliants such as sugar and coffee grounds.

Some Face brushes rotate and vibrate when a button on it is pushed. Face brushes come in different brands and price ranges. The most popular face brush brand is the Clarisonic Mia. However, there are cheaper and also effective brands like Marykay (buy from Jumia) and Olay.

Marykay Skinvigorate brush

I’m a sucker for brushes because you need to see how much dirt that still remains on the skin even after washing your face with just your hands.

Another option is Konjac sponge (buy from Jumia) made from yam or bamboo charcoal that swells up when you put it in water. They feel soft as they exfoliate the skin gently.

Konjac Sponge

Chemical exfoliants break down dead skin cells so they can come off easily. However, when using chemical exfoliants you have to use sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 35 and above to reduce your skin sensitivity to the sun.

Examples of chemical exfoliants are skincare products containing ingredients Alpha Hydroxy Acids such as Glycolic acids, lactic acid malic acids or Salicylic acids. These products can be in the form of face scrubs, face washes, cleansers, creams, etc.

If chemical exfoliants are harsh for your skin, go for the physical exfoliants.

Should you Splurge or Save on Exfoliators?

You don’t need to use exfoliators every day hence you don’t need to splurge on exfoliators since you’d be using it 1-3 times a week depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Start exfoliating once a week and see how your skin sits well with it. Over-exfoliating can cause your skin to react badly. Whenever you exfoliate, take a break to let your skin for a few days to let your skin rejuvenate.

Before using any exfoliants, do a patch test! A PATCH TEST is to apply any new product on a small part of your skin and observe your skin’s sensitivity to the product before applying it all over your face or body.

Don’t scrub your face too hard and don’t scrub your eye area because the skin around the eyes is really sensitive. Make sure to moisturize after exfoliating!

Some Recommendations for Different Skin Types

For Dry skin, Oats mixed with Original honey works as a great Scrub for dry or dehydrated flaky skin because they provide extra moisture for the skin. The Queen Helene skincare Range also has the Oats and Honey scrub which is amazing plus cheaper than the Dr. Murad Skincare.

For Oily skin and acne prone skin, introduce skincare products with Salicylic acid or retinoid. These products are great for gentle exfoliation and for anti-acne.

I want to know in the comment box below:

What scrub you’ve used that has worked?
What scrubs you’ve used that hasn’t worked for you?
Do you even exfoliate at all and have you tried any of these tools?

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